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I’ve compiled below my own personal Top 20 acoustic songs by the Beatles. They are in no particular order and I will be doing video tutorials on how to play them.

I could do the whole song, some parts of the songs or the main riff after all, this is a guitar riff website :) But since we all love The Beatles, I will try and cover the whole song.

Here are the Top 20 Acoustic Songs by the Beatles

  1. Two of Us – This song has a very simple signature riff in the intro. The strumming pattern is straightforward and I think this is one of Paul McCartney’s great acoustic song… and Blackbird.

  2. Norwegian Wood – A John Lennon classic and somehow of a true story – just like most of his songs. This song is in the key of E and is played with a capo on the second fret and chord shape in D. The melody of the song is played on the strings so this is a very recognizable tune when played for family or friends.
  3. Across the Universe – A masterpiece by John Lennon which he wrote during their retreat in India. They (John and Paul) actually wrote a lot of great acoustic songs while they were away in that retreat. This is for John and I think Blackbird was also written there.
  4. And I Love Her – An early love song by the Beatles. This was sung by Paul’s very lovely voice.
  5. Taste of Honey –
  6. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away – This is from their 1965 album, HELP! Which is also the title of their 2nd movie.

  • Yesterday – Truly a Beatles classic. This is the most covered song in history. From the last count its almost 3,000. This song also has many versions in  different language (just like George’s Something).
  • I’ll Follow the Sun
  • I’ve Just Seen a Face
  • Michelle
  • Rocky Raccoon
  • – Rocky Raccoon is one the acoustic song in The Beatles’ White Album. This is a country style finger picking song sang by Paul McCartney.

  • I Will – I read somewhere that this song is just a filler song for The White Album, but the song is so enchanting and good, it deserves its own recognition.
  • Blackbird – Masterpiece and the chord forms and progression is one of a kind to date.
  • Julia – A song John Lennon wrote for his mother.
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps – George written only a handful of songs during he’s career with the Beatles but when he write something, it is his own signature and a true classic. This song is definitely one of them.
  • Hey Jude – Paul’s song for John Lennon’s song, Julian. This was during the divorce days by his parents.
  • Things We Said Today
  • I’m Looking Through You – This song has a great intro that every acoustic guitarists should know.
  • For No One – A sad song but a great acoustic song. Once again, sung by Paul. This was from their album Revolver, which is one of my favorite together with Rubber Soul

    1. Dear Prudence