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Too Difficult to Play? Click Here!

How to Play Cold Turkey – John Lennon

How to play cold turkeyOn this post we will check out the main riff played both on the intro and the verses of this John Lennon song, Cold Turkey.

Most of you probably know that this song is about the experiences that John Lennon went through during this Cold Turkey stage with heroin.

This was first performed live by John Lennon at “The Toronto Rock and Revival Show” in 1969 with Eric Clapton in guitar.

I love this post since the video associated with it is my first ever cover song on Youtube!

Basically I created one cover video and the other one explaining how to play it (video tutorial)

Anyway, without further a-do, let us go ahead and learn how to play the guitar riff which is basically the whole song.

How to Play Cold Turkey

As the guitarist, the important part for Cold Turkey is the riff. Once you know and master the riff, you basically nailed the song!

The intro part is a bit different but most of the song.. all probably are just the same riff.

As you can see in the image, the intro riff is played with single note. The verse riffs is played with double stop double notes.

Strumming the bent strings is the signature sound of the riff. It’s important that you master this one to make it sound like the record.

Please watch the video tutorial as much as you need to learn this song! It’s fun!

Cold Turkey Cover

Cold Turkey Chords

John Lennon-Cold Turkey

I`m sure that these chords are right.
You have to tune your guitar roughly flat.So instead of an E you need a D tuning.

This is an lean on the Acoustic version of the song

Am                               D7
Temperature`s rising
Am                 D7
Fever is high
Am                            D7
Can`t see no future
Am                      D7
Can`t see no sky
Am                             D7
My feet are so heavy
Am                          D7
I wish I was a baby
Am                      D7
I was I was dead

C            Dsus4                 Am
Cold turkey has got me on the run
C             Dsus4              Am
Cold turkey has got me on the run

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