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If you are reading this article, chances are you are not confident to learn how to play guitar on your own. You are probably considering getting guitar lessons, but you are uncertain if you could actually afford them.

Just how expensive effective guitar lessons could be would depend upon the type of lessons that you are looking for. There are three options that are currently available, namely personal, DVD mail order, and online.

How Effective is Personal Guitar Lessons?

Person lessons means having face to face instruction with a teacher in his or her home or he/she will go to your house to teach you (this one being the more expensive of the two since you will need to factor in the gas or transportation expenses of your teacher).

Guitar lessons are either thirty minutes or one hour in duration. For a half-hour lesson, the standard price is between $25 and $40. For a one-hour lesson, it could be between $50 and $100 or even more.

Cheaper personal lessons can be availed of in your own college or university if they have an existing music program. Or you can get Music as an elective (specializing in guitar) so that the cost of instruction will already be factored in with your tuition.

You might want to consider personal lesson packages which would cover the basics and intermediate levels. However, for such packages, you will need to commit certain days and times in your schedule for the lessons.

Effectiveness of DVD Mail Order Guitar Lessons

You often see these mail order ads for guitar lesson DVDs in newspapers and popular music magazines, as well as on the Internet. These are guitar courses, usually from beginning to advanced, which are contained in ten to twenty DVDs or more. Aside from the DVDs, there are also print materials serving as supplements to these lessons.

The good thing about DVD mail order is that you can learn the individual lessons at your own time and at your own pace. Also, because you have the discs on hand, you can easily go back and review the lessons that you have difficulty in or play it over and over again until you have mastered the technique.

The drawback to DVD courses is that they are very expensive. A ten DVD set costs between $130 and $150 while a twenty DVD set may range between $200 and $300. This is quite a costly option, even if there are easy payment plans being offered.

An example of such provider is LickLibrary.

Online Lessons

Thanks to the high speed connectivity of the Internet, it is now possible to get guitar lessons via your computer. A search on Youtube will already give you hundreds of videos on the basics of guitar playing and tutorials on how to play your favorite songs.

There are websites that offer video lessons online. These sites commonly entice you with a promo video followed by five to ten beginner lessons. If you want to learn more, you have the option of paying a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee to access the succeeding, exclusive materials.

Monthly fees can range between $10 and $15, quarterly is between $30 and $40, while yearly can go between $60 to as high as $130. Aside from having access to extensive online chord, tabs, and scale databases, you will also be provided printable supplement materials.

Such example of websites that offer effective guitar lessons are Guitar Tricks and JamPlay.

Final Word…

To get your full money’s worth from guitar lessons, regardless of type, make sure that you inquire first about the credentials of the instructor and the site or mail order company offering the lessons. You can also check out music forums for reviews on these lessons and teachers.