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learn to play guitarFor many individuals who are playing the guitar for the first time, it seems like a rather daunting instrument to learn. Most would be put off when they start developing painful blisters on their fingers. Others have difficulty in understanding tablature. However, if you are that determined to learn how to play the instrument, you will discover just how invigorating playing the guitar is.

Here are some tips that will help you get started on playing the guitar…

1. Know your musical instrument

Whether your first guitar is an acoustic or an electric, get to know your instrument better by familiarizing yourself with its various parts and what they do. While terms such as “bridge”, “nut”, “fretboard” and “headstock” may seem like a foreign language, go the extra mile of learning about these parts by researching on the Internet. The more you learn about these parts and what they do, you will discover how they can help you improve your guitar playing.

2. Memorize the notes that comprise standard tuning of your guitar

Before you learn any other notes or chords, you should first memorize the notes of standard guitar tuning, namely E-A-D-G-B-e. These are also the standard notes of the six strings of your guitar. You need to memorize these notes preferably by ear because they will serve as references when you tune your instrument.

3. Develop the skill of tuning your guitar with the use of a tuner and by ear

play guitar for beginnersThe most important skill that you will need to develop first and foremost before you even start playing your guitar is tuning your instrument with the help of a tuner or by ear. For those who have good ears for notes and pitch, just memorizing the standard guitar notes will already enable them to tune their guitar. Individuals who have difficulty in distinguishing in subtle differences in pitch need to use a piano, a tuning fork, or an electronic guitar to help guide them through the tuning process.

4. Always start with the basics

While many novice guitarists are tempted to try out those blistering guitar solos that they love in their favorite songs, it is best to start with the basics. The first thing that you should learn are the basic open chords (these are chords which you play on the open, unfretted strings of your guitar), namely C Major, G Major, and A Minor. Master these simple chords by familiarizing yourself with the notes that comprise them and how they sound when played together.

5. Practice the basic chords

The best way to learn the basic chords is by playing them as often as possible. There are many good exercise books that you can buy in your local music store or you can download exercises from the Internet or watch tutorials on YouTube. Start by strumming the chords together. This will help you to develop your strumming technique. Work on your plucking and picking technique by playing the notes of these chords one by one.

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